Problem: In general, cycling is all about the cyclist’s physical performance. He should concentrate on the road und enjoy the sport and exercise. But until now, there are still many things he has to think about. Which gear is currently engaged? Does this gear cause a high degree of wear? Is the current strain too high? What gear should be engaged to optimize it?

To answer these questions precisely, measurements, look-up-tables and formula calculations are necessary which the cyclist hasn’t got at hand. He can only shift according to his subjective estimation and has to try out several gears until he has reached a satisfying one.

Solution: This is where our invention comes in. Using a microcontroller and several sensors, we are able to determine exactly which gear fits the cyclist’s preferences best. This gear is automatically engaged and this happens way faster than it is possible by pushing the regular shift levers. At the same time, gears causing a high degree of wear are avoided. The system can also react to special situations such as a sprint. The cyclist can take over control at all times by simply pressing one of the regular shift levers. In this mode the system can also assist him by displaying the current gear and correcting unsuitable gears.

All in all, our invention spares the cyclist the hassle of finding the right gear and enables him to concentrate on his exercise and environment and at the same time supports him to reach his training goals or just to pedal comfortably.

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